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From the Author

I think that I Got Stinky Feet, Volume Two; Fools, Losers and Idiots, is even funnier than Volume One.  We start out by battling a group of fat and disgusting Missourians who drive--torture, really--a kind and noble forest ranger to his death. We fight a truly sleazy lawyer--he sued his unborn daughter for damages for something or other--and we spend time at a newspaper where we see how ridiculous the news business is. We make friends with Paulette, a damn good reporter who hates her editors and pretty much everyone else, and we pick up two other guys who ride along with us. The highlight, or lowlight, if you will, comes when we are held captive by the most disgusting group of people to ever walk the planet. We escape, but in doing so we run across an entire community of people who welcome disasters and adversity because it makes them stronger. We run into the Mad Gardener, a truly crazy guy who plants ... well, you'll have to read it.

There are two more epic poems in the book: The Crime Reporter's Poem, and the Fat People's Poem, that will bring a lot of laughs. Volume Two has more than ninety hilarious illustrations by Dan Florentino.

I hope you buy the book. If you do, I know you'll like it.


Dennis Domrzalski


Some Illustrations From Volume Two

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