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A Great New Book by Dennis Domrzalski

Chicago, mid-1960s. Five seventh-graders, the Disturbers of Room 204 at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, are a menace to the nuns and to society. The Disturbers refuse to conform, they challenge the nuns’ abusive authority and question idiotic rules at every turn. Of course they are routinely beaten silly by the nuns for their attitude of defiance.


Outside of school, the guys and their pals roam their blue-collar neighborhood at will, having fun and getting into trouble. Disturbers Row is a trip back to a time that no longer exists, a time when it was perfectly acceptable for nuns to beat up children, a time when kids were free to be kids and when they used their imaginations to dream, have fun, break rules and learn and grow. No adults needed, wanted, or even interested.


Join the Disturbers as they drive Sister Mary Zita and the other nuns insane. Join them as they play guns and war, hockey, baseball; as they fight, shoplift, smoke, and have fun while crisscrossing their neighborhood and city. You'll have a blast! More than ninety hilarious illustrations by Dan Florentino.

All my books are available as paperbacks and eBooks on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers.


Dennis Domrzalski is an expert at helping everyone he meets come to grips with their own glaring shortcomings. Born and raised in Chicago, he lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been a reporter and writer since the mid-1970s, including stints at City News Bureau of Chicago, The Albuquerque Tribune, and the Weekly Alibi. Check out his other books below.

Reviews for Disturbers Row


"Laughing my ass off! On page 36. So many memories ... I'm SAD... just read the last page. I didn't want the book to end!!!! Seriously! Your book took me back, good memories mostly. I laughed so hard! I was thrust into Sr. Dennis's first grade class, speaking, understanding Polish only. F's on report card, yeah...go figure! I was too quiet, she said. Didn't anyone tell her No English? Learned quickly, ending up with F for conduct. Why? Talking too much! Couldn't win! She'd shove rubber balls in my mouth. She shot rubber bands at me. She used her "Board of Education" with holes drilled in it, across my butt in the front of the class. Good ole OLG!"--Alice Martynek Holtom

"I just finished reading the chapter about planning an orgy! I'm not sure I can stop laughing! Anyone who attended Catholic grade school in the 60’s and 70’s should read this. I’m only part way through it, but it is funny, sad, heart wrenching and above all else entertaining!"--Patrick Dee

"Laughing my head off!"--Gary Kolba

"If you attended Catholic School as I did this is a must read! The author, Dennis Domrzalski , attended the same school as I. He’s taken me back to our school & neighborhood so vividly! Suffice it to say our childhood Nuns weren’t the most pleasant people to be teaching children. His recounting of he & his classmates’ (The Disturbers) experiences of sin & punishment is funny & irreverent and sad because the punishments we survived are too true. Available on Amazon !!!"--Sue Teevin


More of Dennis's Books


I Got Stinky Feet, Open Air Asylum, is one of the craziest and funniest adventures ever in the history of ever! Dennis and Dave begin a cross-country motorcycle trip from frozen Chicago on the first day of winter. They vow to save the wicked from the pious, the rich from the poor and melt the precious tundra. Along the way they meet every crazy imaginable and wage desperate battles against society's most despicable members: poets, wine connoisseurs, shoe sniffers, creative writers, vegetarians and newspaper editors. You'll have a blast! Read more...

Feet 22crop.jpg

In I Got Stinky Feet, Fools, Losers and Idiots, the guys do battle with more fools, losers and idiots: newspaper editors, sleazy lawyers, dim-witted frat boys, fat people, stingy barkeeps, Missourians, love-sick loners, and a demented and truly mad gardener. They are taken prisoner by the sickest, most twisted and unsanitary group of people the world has ever known. How do they make out? Join us for the continuing adventures of Dennis and Dave. Read more ...


Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy, is the brutally honest and horrifying true story of one man's life-long battle with evil. Larry Monte Jr. was raped by a Catholic priest beginning in 1972 when he was fifteen years old. The rapes went on for two years. Larry's mental anguish, shame and torment have lasted more than forty years and will never go away. This is not a book for the squeamish or for Church apologists. It describes in shocking and horrifying detail what that monster priest did to Larry. It looks behind the curtain of what priest sexual abuse really is. Read more ...

One More Book

This is an eBook collection of many of my poems. Most are pretty goofy, but there are a couple of serious ones in there. You get my epic classics: I Got Stinky Feet, Crime Reporter's Poem, and Fat People's Poem.

Here are a few of my favorites:

A Poet's Dilemma

I sit on the bank of the fisherman’s stream

Feeling depressed and wanting to scream.

For how can I write of the large-mouthed bass

When I’m standing here sticking my thumb up my ass?


How can I bespeak the wonders of thee

When I’ve nailed my tongue to the trunk of a tree?

Oh what a well-read poet I’d be

If I scribbled on paper instead of my knee.


The day grows dark.

The light does pass.

I’m standing here stuffing

My head up my ass.



Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want.


I’m in love with Mary,

She’s in love with Jane,

Chubby Ed just winked at me--

Life is so insane.



Be careful what you bring home.


I wondered what her underwear

Was doing on my head.

I didn’t get to think too long,

‘Cause wifey shot me dead.


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