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From the Author

First off, be warned that this is not a funny book. Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy, is the brutally honest, true and horrifying story of one man's life-long battle with evil. It's about Larry Monte Jr., who was raped repeatedly by a Catholic priest beginning in 1972 when Larry was fifteen years old. Larry's mental anguish, shame and torment have lasted more than forty years and will never go away.

Larry decided to tell his story in the hopes that the world, and Catholics in particular, will wake up to the evil of priest sexual abuse and demand that the Catholic Church and its rapist priests be brought to justice. 

This is not an easy book to read, and it is not for the squeamish, apologists for the Church or those who are offended by brutal truths and explicit language. Larry shunned the safety of clinical and sanitized terms such as "sexual abuse" in favor of blunt, brutal, everyday language and detail. In short, this book tells exactly what that priest did to Larry. The detail is sickening and shocking. But Larry decided to use it in the hopes that the world will finally come to fully comprehend the absolute horror, degradation and evil that is "priest sexual abuse."

Here's a quote from Larry: "The Church has long counted on and fostered our shame, guilt and silence in order to hide its sins. I am no longer a part of that. I am no longer an accessory to its crimes."

Again, this is not an easy book to read; it's much more serious than dealing with abusive Catholic nuns. But if you want to understand how totally evil "priest sexual abuse" is, and what it has done to tens of thousands of human beings, you'll read it.

Thank you,

Dennis Domrzalski


--"This book was difficult to read. That said, you should read it. It is very honest, even brutally so. Being that the subject of clergy sexual misconduct has been historically treated so gently, it is perhaps necessary for the church, the laity, and the greater society to get a slap in the face. This book will slap you right in the face. You will be better and more informed for having been slapped."--Heather Bane

--"This book gives a brutal and honest portrayal of child sexual abuse perpetrated by a Catholic priest/rapist on a devout 15 year old altar boy. It will be difficult to read for both those shy to explicit language and those readers who try to put themselves into the situation with their full imaginations. But the narrative is very insightful about a current societal problem that is often handled with kid gloves. I have known several people who have been sexually assaulted by priests or other men in positions of authority, and the patterns described by Monte are similar. He portrays with accuracy and vivid detail how victims manipulated, made to feel ashamed, made to fear telling anyone, threatened by suggesting the involvement of other siblings in the sick sexual world of his rapist, and misled about the Catholic faith so that they would better become that rapists’ sexual play things. The detail and emotion force us as readers to realize very, very clearly: these things really happen. Catholics should not take offense to this book; rather, Catholics should realize that Monte identifies an enemy of the church operating within, a type of enemy that still runs rampant in the institution."--Douglas R. VanBenthuysen

--"At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep reading this book. The good news of Larry finding strength to heal this awful abused keep me going. So very sad! I pray he will continue to heal and get the truth out so others can have the courage to begin healing!"

--Jean Brandt

--"If you are still filling the coffers of the Roman Catholic Corporation, at least have the courage and decency to read Larry Monte's true account of how he was repeatedly raped by one priest and repeatedly assaulted in other ways by more wolves in shepherds' clothes. This is not a 'church' and those who continue to treat it like a benevolent and Christian institution do so at the risk of their own souls because the facts prove otherwise and Christians are supposed to live in the light of the truth, not in the darkness of evil, lies, and the raping of children. Monte give a most honest account, not just of the traumatic events he was forced to endure, but of his deepest feelings along the way. This book is a journey through the eyes and heart of a child who suffered the worst mankind has to offer, all thanks to Roman Catholic, Inc.


"This book is beautifully written, in the form of letters to the Church, to fellow survivors, to practicing Catholics, etc. It is written with love, truth, and complete and unabashed honesty. It includes concise information that helps one get a clearer picture of the current (yes, current) Catholic scandal and a quick study on the formation and operation of the Servants of the Paraclete clergy treatment center in New Mexico.


"Please, Catholics! Stay home this Sunday and, instead, read a copy of Raped: Memories of a Catholic Altar Boy. Larry endured it. All you are asked to do is read about it. And then act. Jesus never called on his followers to sit on their hands, muzzled and powerless. As Larry reminds us, Christ warned, "In as mush as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Ignoring the survivors of priest/nun rape is to ignore Jesus himself. What kind of Christians do that?


"God bless you, Larry, for writing this book!"--Kate Bochte

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