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Dan Florentino, Illustrator


Dan Florentino is an amazing artist. He has now illustrated three of my books: Disturbers Row; I Got Stinky Feet, Volume One: Open Air Asylum; and I Got Stinky Feet, Volume Two: Fools, Losers and Idiots. That's more than two hundred illustrations! The books are hilarious by themselves, but they would not be as good without Dan's drawings. His comic sense is, well, hard to describe, except to say that he's got it. 

Do I have a favorite of Dan's drawings? Yes. It's the cover of I Got Stinky Feet, Volume One: Open Air Asylum. The drawing itself is wonderful, but here's what makes it special: Dan read the text and drew the character according to how he was described. Not many artists will do that. 

So here's a bit about Dan: Dan Florentino was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He is an illustrator, painter and cartoonist. He does other stuff too. He lives with his daughter, four grandsons and a varying number of cats and chickens in the vacation destination of Abbeville, Louisiana, where he is still growing up. You can reach him at

If you need an illustrator for any of your projects, Dan might be your guy.

Below are some of my favorite of Dan's drawings. I hope you enjoy them.


Dennis Domrzalski

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