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Poet in an Oven!

This is one of my favorite poems. It was the result of my long study of depressed poets. After studying poets for decades, I realized that all most of them want to do is weep constantly, visit funeral homes and stick there heads in ovens and turn on the gas. This is my tribute to depressed poets. The bonus here is that you can watch me perform it below. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's the poem and the video:


I opened up the oven,

And stuck my head inside.

I knew that if you saw me, dear

You'd want to be my bride

Think of all the fun we'd have!

We'd bake ourselves to death.

I'd be in pain and agony

Until my dying breath.

I know you're seeing other men,

But none's as sad as me.

Why don't you come on over, dear,

And with your own eyes see.

Me open up the oven,

And stick my head inside,

And when I turn the gas on, Dear,

You'll want to be my bride!


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